Quantum Encryption and Science Satellite — QEYSSAT

The Quantum Encryption and Science Satellite (QEYSSAT) project will bring the exciting advancements of quantum communications to the global scale, by deploying a satellite to act as a trusted node in a global quantum network. Quantum optical links between ground stations and the satellite will implement quantum key distribution for fundamentally secure communications on distances far beyond those that can be achieved using ground-based networks. In addition to this technological demonstration, the QEYSSAT mission presents new opportunities to investigate as-yet unresolved questions about fundamental physical science in regimes where very small scales meet the very large.

The QEYSSAT study is being conducted by the Institute for Quantum Computing in partnership with COM DEV and INO for the Canadian Space Agency. The demonstration of this cutting-edge technology will develop and promote Canadian expertise for the coming revolution of quantum-enhanced technologies.

Further details about this project will be released at future stages. For inquiries, contact the Institute for Quantum Computing.